Steam & Carols

A Community Fund-raising Group


Steam and Carols is a community group set up in late 2014 at the Weary Ploughman, Churston, South Devon, England. We organise affordable music events around Galmpton and raise money for Rowcroft Hospice and The Salvation Army. The River Dart forms a backdrop to all our events with it’s stunning views.

Our events are primarily in the winter period to help promote the local economy. Accommodation is available in Galmpton village, at The Weary Ploughman and The Manor Inn.

Galmpton Bonfire Society is a sister organisation and plans and runs Galmpton Bonfire Night. To join Galmpton Bonfire Society please ring 07879442416 / email

As of January 2019

Total money donated from all events £7590. Recipients from each event include:

Dec 2015 Steam & Carols Rowcroft £1600, Salvation Army £200, Churston Church £50                              

Dec 2016 Steam & Carols Rowcroft £1500, Salvation Army £300, Churston Church £50

Aug 2017 Greenway Singing Night Rowcroft £500, Carols around the crib £30

Nov 2017 Galmpton Bonfire Night Rowcroft £150

Dec 2017 Steam & Carols Rowcroft £1400, Salvation Army £300, 

Feb 2018 Music and Magic Rowcroft £160

Jun 2018 Greenway Singing Night Rowcroft £190

Nov 2018 Galmpton Bonfire Night Rowcroft £180

Dec 2018 Steam and Carols Rowcroft £680, Salvation Army £300

Feb 2019  Music and Magic Rowcroft £70

Jun 2019 Greenway Singing Night (event not run)

Nov 2019 Galmpton Bonfire Night Rowcroft £131

Dec 2020 Steam and Carols Rowcroft £191, Salvation Army £300

Feb 2021 Music and Magic Rowcroft £tbc

Jun 2021 Galmpton Music Night £tbc

Dec 2021 Steam and Carols Rowcroft £tbc, Salvation Army £tbc



Total ticket sales £26700, split by event

Dec 2015: Steam and Carols £4200

Dec 2016: Steam and Carols £4600

Aug 2017: Greenway Singing Night £2100

Nov 2017: Galmpton Bonfire Night £2300

Dec 2017: Steam and Carols £4600

Feb 2018: Music and Magic £1700

Jun 2018: Greenway Singing Night £1500

Nov 2018: Galmpton Bonfire Night £2700

Dec 2018: Steam and Carols £3000

Feb 2019: Music and Magic £tbc

Jun 2020: Greenway Singing Night (event not run)

Nov 2020: Galmpton Bonfire Night

Dec 2020: Steam and Carols


Total tickets sold since 2015: 2795, split by event

Steam and Carols: 1780

Greenway Singing Night: 350

Galmpton Bonfire Night: 505

Music and Magic: 160

Galmpton Singing Night: 000